Welcome to my Blog.

Wladimir Osmolovskyy

Oct 27, 2023

Especially in recent times I notice that misunderstandings get more common and devastating. Well, communicating is a complicated thing nowadays. Because of that, I have decided to turn my political, personal, professional, and general opinions into text that can't be taken out of context and (at least by non-ignorant people) be misunterstood severely.
Not only that, I will also give my absolute best to create a resourceful and genuinely good place to be.
The purpose of all this is to spread the truth and fight evil.
Dear friends and family:

This is the place you can visit if you'd want to get to know me better or get my profound opinion on something you'd want my comment on. I know that this may and most probably will be used against me, as I will speak on controversial topics and give counter-intuitive answers to popular belief.

It would mean a lot to me if you could consume the future posts in their entirety and reflect on the words that were said before judging and making up an opinion about me. I don't fear the judgment, I just want to say that I will not answer to any kind of destructive comments or repeat already written arguments to please someones objective satisfaction. But obviously, I would absolutely love to get sophisticated feedback and hear takes that contradict mine.

With best regards, Wladimir Osmolovskyy.

To the readers that don't know me:

First of all, I want to introduce myself. My name is Wladimir Osmolovskyy, I'm studying Business Informatics at the TU Berlin, and am a co-founder of the start-up "MarketingEmbodied".

You can find the database with all the articles on the website of "MarketingEmbodied", www.marketingembodied.com. It's pretty self-explanatory that I work in the marketing-industry, in which I focus on copywriting and web-design.

Now I will to tell you more about the blog you're reading. This is the space I will write about all the different things that make us humans, human. I'm talking about politics, relationships, health, finance, and more. But all of that will most probably occur in a manner that will genuinely dissatisfy an average reader.

I will give my best to provide intellectual insights on deep-rooted perceptional illusions of humanity, discuss the most recent failures of the system, and most importantly, tell the truth.

You should be warned that if you're not open-minded to worldviews that could interfere with yours, it's going to be an unenjoyable ride.

I greatly appreciate the ones that will stay.

With best regards, Wladimir Osmolovskyy.