Welcome to "MarketingEmbodied"!

Wladimir Osmolovskyy

Aug 10, 2023

Welcome to "MarketingEmbodied".


The world is changing.

That means the worst thing you could do right now is watch it change and not act.

But you are reading this mail right now, so it’s assumable that your mind is built on a progressive and competitive foundation.

In this case, you landed in the perfect place to be.

The Marketer's Newsletter.


Who are we? What can we bring to the table? Why should you listen to us?

Surely, you ask yourself all of these questions. If you don’t, you actually should.

We designed this newsletter to be a reputable source and want you to know how and why you can trust us.


Who we are:

We are a team of professional marketers. From SEO to Web Design, we do it all.

I am Wladimir Osmolovskyy, CEO and email marketing chief.

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What you gain from us:

We are willing to pass our marketing knowledge along. To you. Completely for free.

Why us?

As professionals, we understand that we need to differ from our competitors. So what makes us special?

Our main priority is the authenticity and credibility of the information you get from us.

We adopt the newest technology, science, and knowledge to ensure recent and relevant newsletter subjects and content.

The incorporation of AI internally allows us to personalize the content we share and work more efficiently.


Sounds good?

If it does, we encourage you to think about the following question.

Do you really know what marketing is?


Until next time.